Personalized Medicine

“It is far more important to know what person the disease has than what disease the person has” – Hippocrates Agenixs is a state-of-the art medical practice specializing in Personalized Medicine. Our physicians are trained in the highest level of education and in the most up-to-date areas of personalized medicine. Personalized medicine is the customization Read More

A Woman’s Guide to Menopause

Naturally, women lose their estrogens around the age of 50. Many may state that this is the natural way of the body. But why then, do so many women feel so badly when this happens? The answer is that estrogen is needed throughout the course of life to regain and sustain optimum health. Hormones, like Read More

Low Testosterone in Males

Knowledge and attitudes regarding the existence of and treatments for andropause “the male menopause” have recently undergone a revolutionary change. Andropause may consist of a variety of signs and symptoms, including: Loss of muscle mass and weakness Reduced libido Osteoporosis Heart disease and atherosclerosis Fatigue Irritability Insomnia     Natural Testosterone Replacement is Central to Read More

Testosterone for Men is SAFE — New Research Proves (AGAIN)

The media would like to make you think that there is a controversy regarding the safe use of testosterone in men. One study was poorly designed, conclusions by the researcher incorrect and reported by the media inappropriately, without support and in a sensationalistic way. Add this to the misperception of many physicians that testosterone is dangerous, Read More

Lose Weight Naturally

At Agenixs, we start all patients out on the right foot with a solid, supported, and integrated nutritional plan. Obesity means having too much body fat. To meet this definition, one must weigh approximately 20 percent or more above one’s desirable body weight. Physical factors including age, height, and body size/frame help determine ideal body weight. Read More