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Introducing Agenixs

The world opens when your health is vibrant

Feel sensational, look fabulous, and live an energized life. Our world-class team of physicians will partner with you on a transformative journey to optimum health. As an integrative health practice, Agenixs offers customized treatments built on advanced, proven medical technologies—all delivered with an unparalleled level of service. Give yourself—and the world—the ultimate gift: a healthy life filled with exuberance, power, and passion.
The country's premier

Life's greatest adventures begin with great health

Energize, Revitalize, Restore

Agenixs Forum Health,  is the premier integrative-medicine concierge medical practice in the United States, bringing together innovative research, the most up-to-date methods of evaluation and treatment, and our vast experience — with powerful, proven results.

At Agenixs Forum Health, we take personal service to a whole new level. Concierge Members enjoy round-the-clock physician access, unprecedented convenience and flexibility, and premium services — all tailored to your needs and your schedule.

Our practice is all about relationships — getting to know you and your family, deeply understanding your goals in all areas, and working with you to meet and surpass them. Our aim: to guide each patient to good health, vitality, stamina, beauty, and happiness — throughout life’s journeys.

Our Process

step 1

Call our office

Find out about our membership packages, health enhancements, and cost of services. We’ll answer all your questions, send you an online comprehensive questionnaire, and set up your first appointment.

step 2

Your first appointment

During this hour-long appointment, we’ll discuss your goals, determine which tests are needed, have you talk with our Health Coach, and come to understand you from the inside out.

step 3

Customize your health plan

In your first follow up appointment, we will work with you to determine which membership plan is best for you, and work to get you to your goals!


High touch, high value

We are proud to provide Agenixs Concierge members round-the-clock physician access, unprecedented convenience and flexibility, and premium services — all tailored to your needs and your schedule.

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Technology in action

Rejuvenate your body and introduce phenomenal restorative change. Agenixs uses the most innovative therapies, restoring vitality and detecting age-related problems long before they occur.

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Feel strong and vibrant

Come into hormonal balance. We will help you recapture your sexual vigor, enhance your mood, and invigorate your zest for life. Let us help you feel energized and strong every day.


“My health is not only about feeling and looking great — it’s about improving my ability to do great things.”

For Men

Grow your edge and power in all areas. Our innovative therapies enhance the strength of your body and the acuity of your mind. The Agenixs programs increase confidence, energy, focus, and drive — everything you need to be at the top of your game.

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For Women

Agenixs incorporates a multidimensional approach to longevity, health, beauty, and physical vitality that will enhance how you look and feel. The path to recapturing the glow and vigor of your youth has never been more clear.

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“You have completely restored my health and given me back my spark and my vitality.”


Agenixs, A Forum Health Provider

From our headquarters in Flint, Michigan and all over the nation, our community of practitioners is setting a new standard for healthcare. Our novel approach combines the powerful principles of functional and integrative medicine with advanced medical treatments and technology, data analytics, and collaborative relationships.

True health takes work. But it’s easier once you understand what’s happening in the body. That’s why we look at the whole you — exploring genetics, environment, and lifestyle factors like nutrition, sleep, and exercise.

True care is more than sick visits. We’re devoted to finding the source of symptoms, instead of just masking them. So we take our time to listen and learn your story. Together, we’ll make a comprehensive care plan that drives you toward your health goals. Then we’ll stick with you throughout the journey.

Built through trust and understanding, Forum Health relationships mean care that’s personal, innovative, and — above all — effective.