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GAINSWave™ ED Treatment

Power Your Sex Life

GAINSWave™ Therapy is a Revolutionary Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Improve your erections and sexual performance with this innovative, new treatment.

GAINSWave is a revolutionary new treatment which markedly improves a man’s erections and sexual performance. Agenixs is Chicago’s premier medical center offering GAINSWave™, a new non-invasive, drug-free treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) that has been used successfully in Europe for 15 years. Having used the GAINSWave procedure for several years, Agenixs has seen great improvements in our patients.

Why GAINSWave Success Rate is Better

As men age, the penis tissue becomes scarred and the arteries found in the penis become clogged. GAINSWave uses low-intensity sound waves to cause micro-trauma to the tissue and arteries. This process kickstarts your body’s ability to naturally heal. GAINSWave repairs blood vessels and removes decades of plaque build up with comfort and ease.

At Agenixs, we use a specific protocol designed to optimize safety, efficacy and, most importantly, results.

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Benefits of GAINSWave Therapy

  • Enhances erections
  • Improves sexual performance
  • Increases sensation to the penis
  • More spontaneous erections
  • Better orgasms
  • No known side effects
  • Proven improvements which last 2-3 years

As the first practice in Chicago to offer men the GAINSWave procedure, we have successfully treated hundreds of men with this therapy. Our clinics specialize in men’s health, sexual health, hormone therapy, natural treatments and the customer’s experience.

Treating Peyronie’s Disease with GAINSWave™

Many men develop a curvature of the penis as they age, yet there are very few treatments which have an effect on this condition. Our clinicians utilize a protocol of specific injections, GAINSWave, and high blood pressure medication to break down the build up of the scarring that leads to Peyronie’s.

With GAINSWave™ treatment, pulse waves break down scar tissue in the penis, thereby reducing curvature and improving appearance and sexual function. The result: a healthy, strong, and straighter erection and the elimination or reduction of ED.

GAINSWave Cost by Treatment Plan

Men of All Ages

  • Goals — Seeking improved erections where all other treatments have failed.
  • Recommended Treatment – 12 treatments: 1 treatment twice a week for 6 weeks. 2 injections.
  • Results — Over 72% of men report improved erections.
  • Price:
    • 1 session – $600
    • 6 sessions – $3500
    • 12 sessions – $6500

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Discover how GAINSWave therapy can enhance your sexual performance


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Learn About the Procedure

At Agenixs, our male specialists want your procedure to not only be painless, but more comfortable than you can imagine. When you come in for treatment, we have you apply a numbing cream (Lidocaine) to your penis 90 minutes prior to your procedure. Though there is only little discomfort, the numbing cream allows us to apply the GAINSWave directly to the penis with no discomfort.

Each treatment lasts about 20 minutes and men are often surprised by how comfortable the whole process is! We offer our patients many options for improving their erections including medications, injections, pumps, and hormones.

In many cases, our team recommends the penile enhancement shot. Your blood is drawn, spun down and the plasma is extracted. Then, the it is injected into your penis painlessly (as you have the numbing cream effect). This has the effect of increasing the call for the natural healing process of the body, complimenting the GAINSWave therapy.

Hear testimonials from our patients

“I noticed the change after the second treatment; I’m no longer taking a blue pill to treat my ED.” – Reginald P.

“My penis is harder, larger, and longer. I’m thrilled.” — Greg T.

“I’ve tested the results, and been testing them ever since!” – Jason S.

“I’m so glad my husband chose GAINSWave over a blue pill to treat ED.” – Gina H.

“I thought nothing could help, but after 12 treatments and 2 penile enhancement shots, this is great.” – Paul V.



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