I used to weigh 267 pounds. When I went to my doctor back in 1995, he said “Eat better and get some exercise.” I walked out of his office, head down, thinking “Yeah, I know that,” but then was struck by a very powerful revelation . . . I wasn’t sure what that meant. So started my journey into integrative medicine.

Over the years, my patients have heard me say again and again “Nutrition is 70% of getting and being healthy, 25% is exercise, stress management and sleep, and the 5% is everything else (including vitamins, supplements, medication, etc).”

I grew up in the Midwest, and I was never much of a guy for vegetables (although I do admit that over the years I am much more likely to order a salad for lunch than a sandwich).

But for the past 10 years, I start my day with a BLENDED (not juiced) GREEN DRINK. I get up, walk the dogs, and let my boyfriend feed the dogs, while I mix up my morning GREEN DRINK.



My Recipe
2 cups of water
1 Baby Bok Choy (or same size portion of Napa Cabbage)
A handful of spinach
1-2 sprigs of Kale
AND if I am not trying to drop a few pounds, 1/2 of a pear or apple (the fruit makes it a bit sweeter and smoother)

This makes about a 20 oz glass of a healthy, tasty, refreshing drink which I down while watching the Channel 2 News at 530 AM.

If I am trying to drop a few pounds, I have this drink again before dinner. Like I said, refreshing, tasty, healthy, and FILLING.
It keeps my bowel movements very regular (every morning at 6AM like clockwork). Ew! Bowel movements, REALLY DR. PAUL? Yes, I guess us guys have a thing for a healthy, well-formed bowel movements.

The amount of anti-oxidants, fiber (which is why you blend in a blender and not juice), and vitamins (especially the B’s!) are amazing.

Some may say, “That sounds like it tastes awful” (My boyfriend often puts his nose up), but actually its very good.

My weight stays down, my energy up, my bowel movements soft and regular, and my LDL cholesterol down, my inflammatory markers to almost zero, and my blood sugars and insulin have NEVER been better.

So, give it a try. Give it a chance. This one small change has a very BIG effect on everything good!

I tell my patients that no matter what is wrong with you if you are sick, or what is right with you if you are healthy, a Blended Green Drink each morning makes it even better.

Remember, Nutrition is 70% of the game!