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Hair Transplant Surgery

Breakthrough technology for a full, lustrous head of hair

It’s time to get your hair back. At Agenixs, we use cutting-edge single follicle hair replacement technology to give you a full head of hair with no scalpels, no stitches, and no scarring—Your results will be permanent, natural, and virtually undetectable. Say goodbye bad hair plugs, permanent linear scarring and long painful surgeries, and hello to renewed confidence, youth, and vigor.

The procedure is safe, quick and easy. You’ll spend the afternoon comfortably relaxing while working on your laptop or watching movies and can be back to work the next day. At Agenixs, our price for hair replacement is well below the cost of our competitors. Join the crowds of celebrities, athletes, and professionals who have turned to Agenixs for a new head of hair and a new lease on life.

The Agenixs Edge:

More hair, less cost, and the most experienced doctors at your side

Through our years of experience, we’ve streamlined our costs to deliver you a savings of over 40% compared to the average hair replacement costs in Chicago

  • AMAZING! Pricing at $4 per graft, almost half the cost of our competitors, who charge on average around $7 per graft. We keep our marketing budget low in order to keep our prices low.
  • State-of-the-art technology with single follicle extraction.
  • Over 15 years of experience and 7,500 procedures performed by our expert staff.
  • Financing is available.
Our Holistic Approach to Promote Hair Regrowth

We go beyond just the surgical method

To complement each procedure, we give our patients:

  1.       Proven hair growth products
  2.       Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in each procedure to stimulate hair growth
  3.       Medication when needed
  4.       Hormone evaluation when needed
Benefits of the FUE Method:

Discrete, effective, and affordable.

  • Discrete – Natural-looking short or long hair for both men and women, and no linear scar.
  • Multi-use – This method can fix visible linear scars from previous “strip” surgeries, and fill in or camouflage those old scars by transplanting new follicles into the area. It can also be performed for missing eyebrows and missing facial hair (patches).
  • Advanced Technology – Minimally invasive, no stitches or staples.
  • Gentle – Little to no discomfort. No scalpel involved.
  • Effective – Quick Recovery time; patients resume normal activity after only a few days.
  • Affordable – We have programs available to meet your exact needs.

FUE is also a useful procedure to fix visible linear scars from previous “strip” surgeries. FUE can be used to ‘fill in’ or camouflage those old scars by transplanting new follicles into the area.

It’s time to get your hair back.

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FUE Hair transplantation

A breakthrough in hair restoration

Agenixs offers the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method of surgical hair replacement—a system that transplants your own healthy hair one hair at a time. Using the FUE method, our experienced team removes individual hair follicles from the back of the scalp, then expertly implants those hairs in the balding areas. The result: an extremely natural head of hair, and a hairline you haven’t seen in years.

For more than 15 years, our team of highly-skilled experts has changed the way more than 7,500 men and women look and feel thanks to this life-altering procedure.

Patient success stories

Before & After FUE Hair Replacement

Read their stories and see the before and after pictures here.

“For over 5 years, I hated watching my bald spot grow. I really wanted the cowlick I used to have! Amazingly, the team was able to reimplant my hair so that I had my cowlick back again! It’s amazing!”

“I was told about hair transplant by my stylist who had other clients go to Agenixs. I did not know that women could get hair restored. What a difference it has made ! My hairstylist is so excited for me!”

Our Hair Replacement Process

The Consultation

During your free consultation, you’ll discuss with a member of our highly-skilled staff exactly what you want and how the FUE method can achieve your hair restoration goals. We’ll then create a customized hair restoration plan to help you achieve the most natural-looking results. Afterward, the ball is in your court—take your time deciding when you want to move forward.

The Procedure

The FUE method is a safe and comfortable, minimally invasive outpatient procedure. You’ll spend the afternoon comfortably watching movies or working on your tablet while healthy hair follicles are individually removed from the back of the head and then relocated into your balding areas, using high-powered stereo microscopes. Based on your specific hair loss pattern, we map out the optimal placement of each follicular unit group. Most of our clients report little if any discomfort, and are generally back to work right away.

The Recovery

You’ll probably see redness and light scabbing the next day, which will subside quickly. There is usually no pain, you can go back to life immediately.

Regrowth Timeline

Three months after the procedure you should start to notice new hair growth. After six months most clients notice significant regrowth, and full growth by one year.

Regrow your hair, regain your confidence. Be our next success story.

“I’m 40, and my hair was receding too quickly. One visit and I have my old hairline back again. The staff made me feel comfortable and the results are awesome.”