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Feel sensational, look fabulous, and live an energized life. Our world-class team of physicians and anti-aging experts will partner with you on a transformative journey to optimum health. As an integrative health practice, Agenixs offers customized treatments built on advanced, proven medical technologies—all delivered with an unparalleled level of service. Give yourself—and the world—the ultimate gift: a healthy life filled with exuberance, power, and passion.

Pellet Hormone Therapy


Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone is your strength and your power. Testosterone replacement therapy revitalizes and invigorates, improving your sex drive and helping you get strong and lean. At Agenixs, we use only the safest and most effective forms of testosterone therapy: testosterone pellets or injections — never gels, creams, or patches. You’ll see dramatic results quickly: clearer thinking, heightened sexual desire and performance, more energy, and a better ability to manage stress. Amplify your edge and live better, stronger, and longer.

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

To look fit and feel fabulous, your hormones must be in balance. Bioidentical hormone restoration revitalizes and energizes, improving vitality and libido, alleviating hot flashes, sculpting your body, and building bone. At Agenixs, we use only bioidentical hormones, which are identical to the body’s natural chemistry. You’ll experience many positive changes: improved mood, memory, and ability to deal with stress; more energy; heightened sex drive; deep and restorative sleep. Live your life with zest, energy, and happiness.

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Pellet Therapy is the Safest, Most Effective Method of Hormone Replacement

Pellets are the only method of hormone replacement therapy that delivers consistent, physiologic levels of testosterone or estrogen, thus avoiding fluctuations in hormone levels — and in mood and energy — that can be caused by other methods of delivery. Lasting from four to six months, pellets are the most effective, safest, and convenient form of hormone replacement.

Benefits of pellets for hormone replacement therapy

Pellet insertion is a safe, effective, and convenient way to augment natural hormone production. You only have to think about it 3–4 times per year!

  1. Quick and painless: Pellet insertion takes just a few minutes. Using a local anesthetic, we make a small incision in the upper buttock area and insert pellets ½ inch underneath the skin.
  2. Minimally invasive: The incision made is very small (about 1 cm). Stitches are not typically required; our clients most often leave our office with a small bandage that can be removed after about a week. The pellets we use are also completely biodegradable, and they dissolve inside the body to leave nothing behind.
  3. Short recovery period: The recovery period lasts just a few days. Pellets are placed using a sterile technique, so the risk of infection is low.
  4. Consistent hormone delivery: Pellets dissolve in the body slowly over a period of about four months. During this time, they provide a steady dose of hormones. Clients who opt to go with pellet delivery avoid the ups and downs seen with other delivery methods like weekly injections.
  5. Lasting results: You should start feeling effects of their hormone replacement within a couple weeks — and often as soon as in the first few days. Results from even one treatment typically last for 3–6 months.
  6. Easy and worry-free: Self-injecting hormones can bring pain, inconvenience, and several side effects not seen with pellets. Additionally, pellet hormones can’t contaminate family members or pets — unlike with creams and gels applied to your skin.

Find out how pellet therapy can get you back to being the best you.

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