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Achieve the lean, strong, powerful body you want — the body that makes you look and feel amazing, and that helps you perform at your peak and with passion in all areas of your life. At Agenixs, we have over 20 years of experience optimizing our clients’ health and weight. We take into account everything about you — your metabolism, hormones, body composition, lifestyle — and then customize a program designed to get you into peak shape. Our goal: burn fat, build muscle and perfect your health. The result: a powerful, slim, and muscular physique.

How your weight optimization works

We start with a three-month commitment, during which time most patients shed 30 pounds or more. Our weight-optimization team — which includes a nutritionist who is board-certified in integrative medicine — is with you on a daily basis, coaching you through this completely personalized process, and making changes as necessary. Bespoke, convenient, simple: Success.


The HCG program is ideal for healthy adults who wish to drop fat fast. Injections of the natural hormone HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) can build muscle and cause dramatic weight loss. This is due to a variety of factors: HCG reduces feelings of hunger, so you can eat very little comfortably. HCG is also a pro-hormone, which helps the body make more hormones; since hormone deficiency or imbalance is often part of the reason for weight gain, HCG can help.

Ideal Protein

The Ideal Program is perfect for busy professionals on the run. The Ideal Protein plan stabilizes blood sugar and promotes weight loss by providing your body with an optimal amount of protein. The diet restricts carbohydrate intake to deplete your body’s stored glucose, which encourages your body to burn fat for fuel. Within about three days on the diet, your glucose reserves run out, and your body begins burning fat.

Medical Weight Loss

Appetite suppression is best for those patients who need extra help controlling their appetite and improving their energy. When needed and desired, we have a variety of potent supplements and FDA-approved prescription weight-loss drugs at our disposal. These effectively suppress your appetite and make it easier to lose weight. Medications include: Phentermine, Qsymia, Belviq, Contrave, and Bupropion.

Intermittent Fasting Program

Short fasts — between 14 and 36 hours — can accelerate fat loss, improve body composition, and make you feel better overall. There are a variety of Intermittent Fasting (IF) protocols; our Agenixs weight-optimization team will determine which works best for you.


Ketogenic is a low-carb, restricted-calorie plan, effective both for weight loss and detoxifying and cleansing. It boosts metabolism, decreases water retention, and promotes fat loss. By eating the correct combinations of foods and eating more, often the body’s metabolism increases and leads to the efficient burning of fat. Therefore, rather than totally restricting fat, the diet calls for eating the correct fats, as well as the correct carbohydrates and proteins.

Eat less, exercise less

What you eat is, in many ways, more important than how much you exercise. Exercise has many benefits, but it is may not be the best method of weight control. For some people, excessive exercise causes an increase in appetite and a tendency to eat more. Eating less and exercising less can sometimes be helpful in reaching and maintaining an optimum weight.

Customized program  —  customized results

Our weight-optimization experts create a food and exercise program tailored to you. Using a variety of diagnostic tests, we use a combination of the programs above, customized to your body, your metabolism, your schedule, and your lifestyle. This ensures that you can successfully follow the plan and reach your optimum weight — and stay there.

Integrative Medicine Therapies

Testosterone Therapy

Men need testosterone to live well—not just for optimal mental and physical health, but to prevent chronic illnesses. With years of experience evaluating and treating low T, Dr. Savage customizes each treatment, using testosterone pellets or injections to optimize effective and safe improvements in health, energy, stamina, sex drive, and performance.

Testosterone Pellets

Testosterone pellets are the only method of testosterone therapy that delivers consistent, physiologic levels of testosterone, thus avoiding fluctuations in hormone levels—and in mood and energy—that can be caused by other methods of delivery. Lasting from four to six months, pellets are the most effective, safest, and convenient form of testosterone replacement.

How Pellets Work
Each Tic-Tac-sized pellet contains crystalline testosterone. During a brief and painless in-office procedure, pellets are implanted under the skin in the upper buttock area. The incision is so small it can be closed with a piece of tape. Once implanted, the pellets deliver a stable, steady dose of testosterone.

Proven Results
Studies show that pellets are the superior form of testosterone replacement therapy in increasing lean body mass—muscle strength and bone density—and decreasing fat mass; and in improving libido, sexual response, and performance. Proven benefits include increased strength, coordination and physical performance, and improvement in concentration and memory. The change starts within days. There is more data to support the use of pellets than any other method of testosterone therapy.


Injected into the thigh, glute, or deltoid muscles, testosterone is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. One advantage of injections is flexibility—dosages can be changed with each injection, if necessary, to achieve optimal concentrations. Administered weekly, biweekly, or bi-monthly, testosterone injections can boost energy, sex drive, and quality of erections; increase lean muscle mass; decrease body fat; boost memory and concentration; and relieve anxiety and depression.

Testosterone Therapy: Safe and Effective

What You Should Know
  • Low testosterone is a well-established medical condition that negatively affects male sexuality, reproduction, general health, and quality of life.
  • Symptoms and signs of low testosterone occur as a result of low levels of testosterone and may benefit from treatment, regardless of whether there is an identified underlying origin.
  • Testosterone therapy for men with low testosterone is effective and evidence-based.
  • There is no established testosterone level that reliably distinguishes those men who will respond to treatment from those who will not.
  • There is no scientific basis for withholding testosterone therapy to older adult males.
  • Testosterone therapy does not increase the risk of prostate cancer.
  • Testosterone therapy does not increase the risks of heart attacks or heart disease.
  • Testosterone therapy has benefits for cardiometabolic disease, including diabetes
While there are risks associated with testosterone therapy, these are generally related to improper dosing; these risks include acne, blood clots, hair loss, and breast development. With decades of experience in administering appropriate testosterone therapy, we encounter these side effects in our patients infrequently.

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