CHICAGO (Illinois) – Many women are vigilant about preventing breast cancer. They screen for signs, watch their diets and avoid unnecessary chemical exposure. Some even go so far as to have preventive mastectomies.

But a promising therapy gives women a less invasive way to take control of their risk.

There is evidence that hormone therapy with testosterone is linked to a reduction in breast cancer risk for both pre- and post-menopausal women.

The therapy has the added benefit of reducing some of the symptoms of aging that plague women, such as fatigue, decreased libido and mood swings.

Paul Savage, M.D., lead physician of Agenixs, an integrative medicine medical practice in Chicago, is helping women get a more consistent dose of this therapy with hormone pellets.

“The pellets have helped me with anxiety, weight loss, libido, mental clarity. It’s like night and day,” said Stacy Miller, 44, who struggled with menopausal symptoms after a hysterectomy, until she started the therapy with Dr. Savage six years ago.

The pellets are inserted under the skin just above the hip, and will last three to four months. The procedure is quick, painless, and doesn’t require stitches.

Without hormone replacement therapy, women are at an increased risk for serious health consequences that also include osteoporosis, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and diabetes, Dr. Savage said.

“Once the pellets are inserted, within 48 hours, I will wake up, and I will know my system has taken it in,” Miller said. “My brain fog is gone. I sleep better. You don’t have the dips that come with oral medications.”

“The ovaries produce both estrogen and testosterone. Testosterone is about energy, memory, strength and libido,” Dr. Savage said. “As women age, many complain about mood swings, memory loss, weight gain, and a decline in sexual desire.  The pellets are  the safest and most natural way to slowly release hormones into the body.”

The results have been remarkable, he said. The pellets’ link to breast cancer prevention is just one example of the widespread benefits that women receive from the treatment.

Miller said the pellets are life changing.

“Before this, I felt a little dead inside,” she said. “Nothing seemed fun anymore. I slept a lot. I was just miserable.”

Miller hopes other women will be able to benefit from her experience with the treatment.

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