CHICAGO, (Illinois) – Paul Savage, M.D. launches Agenixs, the first concierge integrative medicine practice in the U.S., with a new 4,000 square-foot, modern office space in the heart of Chicago’s Gold Coast. 

Amy Paoletti, Agenixs’ president, said the idea of a concierge practice is to focus on the whole person, rather than the symptoms of a particular illness. 

“Dr. Savage’s relationships with his patients are personal with customized care,” Paoletti said. “He helps heal a patient from an illness and combat a disease, but he also helps them maintain optimal health through preventative measures. Our main goal is to guide each of our patients to good health, vitality, stamina and beauty.” 

For patients, this means 24/7 access to a physician, customized health care plans, and a high level of care tailored to their schedule. 

“Our approach is unique,” Savage said. “I founded Agenixs to reflect my commitment to the well-being of my patients. We have the most up-to-date, innovative therapies, and methods of evaluation and treatment the world has to offer. I’m committed to staying at the pinnacle of groundbreaking research, so that I may bring the most comprehensive care to my patients.”

The idea behind Agenixs flourished out of Dr. Savage’s own personal journey to find better health. 

At 37 years old, Savage was a successful ER/trauma physician. He also weighed 267 pounds, smoked, felt tired, anxious, and suffered from high cholesterol, high blood pressure, pre-diabetes and stress. 

His doctor prescribed medication, but Savage was determined to find a better solution to improve his health. He researched different methods and treatments that promised positive results, from lifestyle changes, better nutrition and supplements, to hormones, IV therapy and stem cell therapy.

Twenty years later, Savage is healthy, strong and passionate about his life’s work. He uses a combination of traditional and integrative medicine to keep himself and his patients in top physical and mental condition. 

Savage and his team are constantly seeking to expand their knowledge to integrate the latest state-of-the-art technology into the practice.  Agenixs is the first in Chicago to offer GAINSWave™, a revolutionary new treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) that utilizes the only acoustical wave device cleared by the Federal Drug Administration for the treatment of ED.  Other treatments available include IV nutrition therapy, hormone replacement therapy, and medical aesthetics for skin rejuvenation and hair loss. 

Methods of evaluation such as genetic testing, early cancer detection, and telomere analysis (which measures biological age versus chronological age) are used to understand a patient’s physical capabilities better to provide appropriate treatment options. 

Agenixs also offers innovative remedies including PRP therapy, which treats a variety of common orthopedic conditions, and has been chosen, under a Federal Drug Administration Institutional Review Board to study the effects of stem cell therapy. 

Agenixs is located at 100 E. Walton St., Suite 200, Chicago, IL 60611. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Savage or an Agenixs team member, visit or call (312) 981-4020.